De-Stress Your Life and Prevent Entrepreneurial Burnout

A five-week guided journey to help you mobilize the power of daily habits so you:


Drain stress, simplify, and find joy in each day!

For $699 you will get:

  • A five-week guided journey to consistent calm and vigor

  • Group interactions to brainstorm ways to overcome your schedule and stress challenges

  • Quick wins and doable action steps each week

  • Tools to help you assess your fitness opportunities, sleep, stress level, and eating habits

  • Access to relaxing and affirming nature videos

  • A signed copy of my book De-Stress Your Life: Turn Chaos Into Calm

Sign up for the course waitlist now. There will be no charge until it begins. The first ten on the waitlist will get the special bonus of a thirty-minute private  goal-setting session with me, a registered dietitian and health coach. Together we'll identify objectives that fit your own unique circumstances and needs.

Build healthy habits so you

Feel calm and energized

Experience clarity and creativity

Regain the joy of what you do